Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

  1. About This Service

    Provider of all relevant support services for asylum seekers, including legal assistance with applications for protection visas, comprehensive health care clinic, mentoring programs, orientation tours, vocational training, employment pathways, food bank, community meals. Caseworker refers to programs internal and external to ASRC.  Travel tickets can be given to attend ASRC and other appointments.


      • Program Name

        Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

      • Service Address

        214-218 Nicholson Street, Footscray VIC 3011
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      • Phone

        9326 6066

      • Fax

        9326 5199

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      • Urgency Levels

        Urgent Help, Direct Help

      • Service Hours

        Monday to Friday from 10am - 5pm

      • Service Type


      • Service For

        Asylum Seekers

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      • Who Can Refer

        Any form of referral including walk in

  2. Asylum Seeker Resource Centre