West CASA (Centre Against Sexual Assault)

  1. A supportive and informative group for women who have experienced family violence and sexual abuse in their lives. These experiences of sexual assault and family violence may have occurred in childhood or later. Women often feel they must attract abuse if abuse happens more than once. This isn’t true. There are just a lot of dangerous ‘sharks’ out there. Sometimes it’s not possible to avoid being bitten by a shark – but sometimes having a good shark-cage can help to recognise and repel sharks before they become a part of your life.

      • Service Address

        53 Ballarat Road Footscray VIC 3011

      • Phone

        9687 8637

  2. West CASA (Centre Against Sexual Assault)

Agency Services

  • Western Region Centre Against Sexual Assault

    Counselling service for victims/survivors of sexual assault (women, men and children)....

    Contact: 03 9687 8637

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