VICSEG New Futures

  1. VICSEG New Futures is a not for profit, community organisation incorporating the Victorian Cooperative on Children's Services for Ethnic Groups (VICSEG Programs for Families, Children & Young People) and New Futures Training. Together VICSEG Programs for Families, Children & Young People and New Futures Training provide support and training to newly arrived and recently settled migrant communities throughout the northern and western Melbourne regions. VICSEG New Futures' commitment to providing "Opportunities for Diverse Communities" is practised throughout every one of our range of programs.  For over thirty years the Victorian Cooperative on Children’s Services for Ethnic Groups has been a pioneer of innovative and culturally responsive programs to address the migrant settlement needs of young people and their families. 

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        Unit 11/ 6-12 South Road, Braybrook VIC 3019

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        8398 5099

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        8398 5099

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  • WELS Soccer for Social Inclusion

    Soccer for Social Inclusion Program is run in partnership with YMCA Rec West. The VICSEG youth...

    Contact: 9353 5811

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