1. Whitelion is charity established over 16 years ago to fill a desperate need in the community.  The charity opens doors to opportunities, positive relationships and community connections for youth at risk aged between 10 to 25 years old, with practical support such as mentoring programs, education and employment.

    The young people Whitelion works with are among the most disadvantaged members of our community who often come from extremely abusive families, including sexual, drug or alcohol abuse. 

    Whitelion helps young people find the courage to seek a better future and aims to break the cycle of substance abuse, criminal activity and incarceration by providing young people at risk with opportunities to make links and build relationships with the community with education and employment opportunities. 

      • Service Address

        155 Roden Street, West Melbourne VIC 3003

      • Phone

        8354 0800

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  2. Whitelion

Agency Services

  • Indigenous Employment Program

    Contact: 8354 0800

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