Carers Victoria

  1. Carers Victoria will provide advice, information and support for carers to improve their health, wellbeing, capacity, financial security and resilience.
    Carers Victoria will build on carer knowledge and expertise to provide evidence-based advocacy and services.
    We will take a leadership role in:
    • listening to what carers tell us needs to change
    • identifying and researching issues that affect caring families
    • sourcing innovative and timely solutions for carers, and
    • representing the needs and issues of carers to businesses, Ministers, Government Departments and services providers.
    Our core business will therefore focus on providing:
    • evidence-based research, policy and advocacy
    • emotional support, counselling and peer group support
    • practical support and respite
    • information and advice
    • guidance and referral when navigating the complex systems of care, and
    • engagement, education and development opportunities.

      • Service Address

        1/37 Albert Street, Footscray VIC 3011

      • Phone

        9396 9500

      • Fax

        9396 9555

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  2. Carers Victoria

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  • Young Carers Program

    The Respite Connections young carer team can help if you are at risk of leaving school or a...

    Contact: 1800 052 222

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